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Our integrated solutions ensure efficient power supply and up-to-date, energy-efficient lighting for the engineering infrastructure of your facilities and guarantee their reliable operations.

Design solutions:

  • Full-scale development of design and detailed design documentation for indoor and outdoor lighting and power supply systems ranging from 0.4 kV through 35 kV used in projects of various complexity and typology from administrative and office buildings to industrial, sports, cultural and entertainment facilities, and implementation of continuous and uninterruptible power supply systems;
  • Project cost optimization at the design stage;
  • Pre-design surveying of the existing infrastructure and elaboration of updating (reconstruction)  projects for power supply and indoor and outdoor lighting systems;
  • Connection to the project at any stage, elaboration of individual sections of design documentation: Power supply, Power supply equipment and lighting, Outdoor lighting;
  • Design documentation audit, lighting audit;
  • Development of an outdoor lighting concept (architectural lighting, landscape lighting), creation of visualized 3D computer models;

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