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Poultry plant “Zarya” Emelyanovo

Poultry plant “Zarya”
Poultry plant “Zarya”


Poultry plant “Zarya” is located in Krasnoyarsk Krai. Products produced: Chicken eggs and poultry meat semi-products. The entire production process is automated. The facility has all necessary provisions for assortment, storage, and timely delivery of its produce.

Task: For each process room, an individual design objective is set. In particular, for assorted eggs room – 300 lx. For storage room – 200 lx. For egg white drying – 400 lx. Most of the rooms posed high requirements to the IP class. The arguments in favour of the customer’s selection of the “Lighting Technologies” luminaires were: ideal price/quality combination, prompt delivery of the products, as well as a wide product range, enabling to handle all the tasks faced by the customer.

Luminaires applied: HB LED

Result: As of today, the equipment by “Lighting Technologies” is installed in the main production building (egg sorting shop, shop storage rooms, battery-powered truck, and a number of amenity rooms. Luminaires HB LED are mounted in repair shops and other repair premises. The construction program envisages illuminating the cafeteria with the lighting fixtures
of “Lighting Technologies” trademark.


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