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Auchan Moscow


 “Our company (Lighting Technologies) has worked for many years with “AUCHAN Russia”, one of the most innovative retail chains in Europe. For this special project, we proposed to use our LNK LED luminaires, a high-efficiency fixture in terms of energy consumption and low environmental impact, to address Auchan’s design priorities” – Viktor Milyuk, Marketing Director – Lighting Technologies LLC.
LED luminaires enable significant energy cost reductions, allowing Auchan to benefit from lower electricity bills and repay this project expense within a year of operation. The newly installed luminaries, LNK LED, are ~ 53% more efficient than traditional technologies. Initial estimates predict electric energy savings up to 47.2 kW a year. 
“Auchan Hypermarket, newly opened in the AVIAPARK retail and entertainment centre, is a clear example of the design priorities of Auchan Russia. Only the most innovative products and solutions will be used to give our customers a comfortable and pleasant shopping experience. Given the importance of illumination to our retail environments and ultimate commercial success, we again turned to Lighting Technologies, a trusted partner and Industry innovator. Their products, systems, and overall solutions continue to recommend LT to Auchan as a partner of choice.” – Christian Toma, Director for Technical Projects – AUCHAN Russia.

Information about AUCHAN in Russia: 
AUCHAN is a well-known chain of hypermarkets, with over 35,000 employees. Active in the Russian market since 2002, “AUCHAN in RUSSIA” includes 84 stores: 55 typical hypermarkets, 23 “Auchan City” hypermarkets, and 6 “Nasha Raduga” hypermarkets.


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