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Moscow Helicopter Plant named after M.L. Mill

Moscow Helicopter Plant named after M.L. Mill Tomilino


Lighting Technologies carried out a complete delivery of lighting equipment for all production, technical and office premises as well as for the adjacent territory of the new Design and Production Center of Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant. Efficient allocation of funds and resource saving is one of the vital issues for businesses, including state-owned ones. The management of Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant requested that the lighting equipment manufacturers implement an energy saving plan in their design of lighting fixtures for the new complex. The plan was aimed at cutting electricity bills and increasing the illumination level to comply with all regulatory standards. A considerable reduction of operating costs due to energy saving is ensured by using modern lighting technologies, including LED-based ones. As a leader in lighting equipment innovations, Lighting Technologies offered Mil Helicopter Engineering Center solutions ensuring significant reduction of expenses on electricity. Within the project, we developed a lighting design using the most suitable luminaire types for each location. Especially for this facility, the Lighting Technologies specialists developed and manufactured more than 10 new models of LED luminaires.


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