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St. Petersburg state Music and Drama Theatre Buff

St. Petersburg state Music and Drama Theatre Buff Saint-Petersburg


Bouffe is a unique theatre by definition. Where else in Russia can you find a theatre where on the same day a classical play is performed on the main stage in the evening, while the audience are entertained with musical programs in the Mirrored Room (Zerkalnaya Gostinnaya), and operas and fabulous shows for toddlers are performed in the Little Buffoons (Buffiki) theater in the morning? We performed full-scale calculations for theatre premises and main stages and participated in the development and manufacture of the new RKL XL RGB luminaire prototype for the theatre’s main stage. There are lots of spotlight and busbar luminaires as well. Peterburgtransstroy LLC was engaged to complete the construction of the Bouffe Theatre and to recheck all current cost estimates including those for lighting. Lighting Technologies specialists provided detailed information to the customers to accelerate the cost estimate calculations. As a result of our work, a number of orders was completed within the stipulated period of time. Our representatives provided advice during the entire course of the project and made all calculations in due time with the required accuracy.


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