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Moscow Raceway autodrome

Moscow Raceway autodrome Moscow


The Raceway is located in Moscow Region, 95th km of Novorizhskoye highway. Currently, before Sochi circuit is put into operation in 2014, it is the only Russian race track which can host international races. The Raceway infrastructure comprises pit building including 30 spacious garages, race control complex, 6 commodious VIP areas, high-tech conference centre, pedestrian areas, sales premises and capacious parking lots. The Moscow Raceway stands can accommodate up to 100,000 spectators. The circuit was designed by Tilke Ingenieure & Architekten, the sole official Formula 1 circuit designer. The company architects came from Germany to Lighting Technologies office in Moscow specially to choose fixtures for lighting projects for stands, pit building, VIP areas, conference centre, health centre, etc. Lighting Technologies has developed several luminaire modifications to meet requirements of the German architects. Lighting Technologies specialists consulted designers of PromGrazhdanProjekt which adapted the project to the Russian standards.


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