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Mobel Inhofer Logistik
Mobel Inhofer Logistik
Mobel Inhofer Logistik


It was required to replace lighting in the new warehouse of Möbel Inhofer GmbH & Co. KG, one of the largest furniture stores in Europe. This warehouse attached to the existing facility occupies an area of 3,000 sq. m. The ceiling height is 16 m. Installed racks are 15 meters high. The main task was to comply with the German workplace illumination standard, which requires at least 150 lux at floor level for such premises. It was impossible to reach the required efficiency with the previously installed LED luminaires and later luminaires with sodium light sources. The project was handled by an official German partner of Lighting Technologies, SVEA Gesellschaft für Projektentwicklung & -Betreuung mbH & Co. Due to the need to install lighting fittings directly under the ceiling, the luminaires were required to offer a high luminous flux and even light distribution. The choice was made for HB LED 152 D64. The requirements have been fully met. Illumination averages 170 lux. Passages between racks are illuminated evenly. Loader operators are not blinded by the new lighting even in close proximity to the luminaire. Savings as compared with the equipment installed in the warehouse previously are as follows: - 75% as compared with the LED luminaires installed initially; - 88% as compared with luminaires with sodium light sources (400 W + 80 W of the power supply unit) used by the customer in an attempt to improve the lighting on its own.


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