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LED MALL PlugIN IP54 rated line system luminaires


LED luminaires with dust and moisture protection for creating continuous light lines serving as a perfect substitution for traditional main systems based on luminescent lamps. Possibility to create long light lines, simple installation and compliance with stringent requirements to quality of light and EN 60598 (EMC, no pulsation) make this product an ideal solution for large and medium scale retail facilities. IP54 allows you to use it in utility rooms and warehouses.




Installation on the ceiling surface using brackets or suspentions. The minimum number of suspentions for installation in a line is as follows: 1 suspention/bracket set per 1.5-meter luminaire and 2 suspention/bracket sets per 3-meter luminaire. Luminaires are hooked up using connectors installed in the end sides. Power supply is carried out using the power supply set - Power supply set LED MALL PlugIN.


White powder coated extruded aluminum housing. The power supply unit is installed inside the housing.

Optical part

PMMA opal diffuser or lens. LED type: SMD.

Lamp Type

No value

Package contents

The ceiling bracket kit for surface mounting, suspension kit and set of power supply should be ordered separetly.


No value


  • Hypermarkets-/supermarkets
  • Warehouse facilities


  • I
  • IP54
  • IK02/0,2 J
  • Clm App2
  • -25 to +40
  • True
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Title Amount Luminaire Code Weight, kg
Suspension kit LED MALL ECO /E/ Suspension kit LED MALL ECO /E/ Amount:1 Luminaire Code:2997000550 Weight, kg:0.13
Ceiling bracket LED MALL ECO /E/ Ceiling bracket LED MALL ECO /E/ Amount:1 Luminaire Code:2997000670 Weight, kg:0.0057
Power supply set LED MALL PlugIN HFD /E/ Power supply set LED MALL PlugIN HFD /E/ Amount:1 Luminaire Code:2997000950 Weight, kg:0.7
Power supply set LED MALL PlugIN /E/ Power supply set LED MALL PlugIN /E/ Amount:1 Luminaire Code:2997000980 Weight, kg:0.7
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