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DIALux plugin

Lighting Technologies offers you a data base on lighting fixtures for lighting design with the help of DIALux.

The unique premium plug-in equipped with software package DIALux is available to be downloaded from our web-site. This is another step in our long-term cooperation with DIAL Company.
The new premium plug-in became handier in operation with our products and it shows extended functionality.

  In the current release:
∙    More than 3000 luminaire models (that is more than 90% of the product range!)  are available for engineering.
∙    A unique opportunity to operate with some lifelike 3D-models and hinged parts of the lamps.
∙    It is possible to filter the product from the range by the specifications and to compare them on-line.
∙    All the information on the certain luminaire model is available in its ID-record.
∙    We’ve showed regard to the customers’ and designers’ requests in terms of working with the technical data.
You are welcome to take the advantages of dealing with the new product range of Lighting Technologies IGC!
Please click here to download the premium plug-in.

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