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Lighting Technologies International Group of Companies offers a 3-year basic warranty on all its products and a 5-year warranty on LED-based lighting fixtures, unless otherwise specified in product datasheet or manual.

Our Warranty coverage, in general, applies as follows to LT luminaires:

  • Fixture housing
  • Optical elements
  • Ballasts
  • Starting devices
  • Other electrical components
  • Mounting and installation elements
  • Fixture connection to the electrical network.
  • The warranty does not cover lamps and other light sources, as well as fluorescent lamp starters.


Warranty Period
Unless otherwise specified in product datasheet or manual, the warranty period is as follows:

For non-LED luminaires, our Warranty is valid for 3 years from the date of delivery of the Goods and covers all Goods delivered by us subject to the Buyer’s compliance with the warranty conditions set forth below.

For LED luminaires, our Warranty is 5 years from the date of delivery of the Goods and does not cover LED retrofit lamps and tubes.

Warranty Conditions
The Company undertakes the warranty responsibilities under the following conditions:

  • Goods are delivered, stocked, mounted, installed and operated in compliance with conditions and requirements specified in the product’s technical specifications, mounting and service instructions.
  • Delivery Terms and Conditions are met.
  • Luminaires are installed in accordance with accepted guidelines for installation and technical maintenance
  • Buyer is in compliance with other indispensable conditions of the contract (including amendments and addenda to the contract).
  • Warranty does not apply to discoloration of painted surfaces and plastic parts of the Goods under operation.


Statement of Claims
Claims for repair or replacement of luminaires may be submitted during the warranty period specified in the product datasheet. Claims shall be submitted through the distributor in the form of a damage statement according to the relevant Sales agreement or General Terms and Conditions.

Implementation of Warranty Responsibilities
In the event of a reasonable claim, Lighting Technologies will recover the defective product for a technical examination. The Company reserves the right to examine all claims. Where claims are substantiated, LT agrees to replace the Goods (its parts) or compensate for defective equipment.
Legal Framework
Implementation of the warranty obligations is carried out under the applicable law and an agreement between the buyer and Lighting Technologies International Group of Companies.


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