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Distributor Policy

General Principles
Lighting Technologies recognizes the value and importance of our Distribution Channel Partners. Our Distributors are established (Regional and National) electrical trade organizations working with Lighting Technologies on a continuous basis. 

The process of becoming a Distribution Partner depends on a set of business criteria including:

  • Regional Location
  • Volume of Business
  • Segment and Customer type
  • Portfolio

Companies given Distributor Partner status obtain certain favorable (stipulated) business terms and conditions, and joint obligations / goals related to overall Sales (turnover) and Product / Brand promotion. Interested parties should contact your regional Sales Representative for more information.

Lighting Technologies does not supply luminaires to end users or non-recurring customers, except in special cases, such as exclusive requests (by government institutions) or certain product types requiring special promotion and marketing techniques. The company is ready to help such customers with Company and Product information. Additional customer requirements will be supported in cooperation through an existing regional Distribution Partner.  

Non-recurring customers of Lighting Technologies should arrange all supply and delivery terms (price, time, potential discounts) through an existing LT Distribution Partner in their respective region.

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