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Lighting of public spaces
During this course you will learn all peculiar features of various types of premises, from an office to a theater lobby. To develop a competitive quality project one should know all particular properties of public spaces, namely, how to divide them into lighting zones and levels.

Course duration: 7 hours.

Architectural lighting
The course will tell you about the peculiarities of lighting and illumination of architectural structures. Step by step, the seminar will show you how to develop an individual approach to the solution for a complicated problem of architectural lighting.

Course duration: 7 hours.

Museum lighting
The agenda of the seminar includes descriptions of various types of museums, information about Russian and foreign regulations, peculiarities of lighting of exhibit items with different light resistance, new technologies and possibilities. Additional attention will be paid to the general conceptual approach to museum lighting.

Course duration: 7 hours.

DIALux 4 and basics of modern lighting design

In three days of training you will consider all necessary aspects of design and development of a lighting project on the basis of fundamental concepts of lighting design. Every participant of the seminar will learn how to make lighting calculations and draw up necessary documentation, and the issues considered during the seminar will help one understand basic lighting principles. Theoretical knowledge gained by the participants during the seminar will be used by them in the individual project.

Course duration: 20 hours.


DIALux 4. Indoor Lighting and DIALux 4. Outdoor Lighting programs
In the framework of these two adapted programs the participants will be offered a detailed explanation of scene-making principles and calculations for lighting projects in different areas. 

Seminar duration: 8 hours.


Basics of Lighting
The course is designed for participants without specialized lighting education. The course embraces principal notions and explains processes necessary to understand operation principles of a lighting device and of human perception of light.

Seminar duration: 8 hours.

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