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Natalia Kozlova, Chief Engineer, Gomel:
I can’t but emphasize the professional level of the specialists that organize this seminar. Personally, I would prefer to hear more about calculations. We covered all objects, but just very briefly. Sometimes we lacked air.

P.A. Sevostianov, Project Manager, Moscow:
Excellent training and a great tutor. I suggest creating a follow-up service for the participants of the course to address their questions to when they start modeling on their own. A sufficient volume of information for three days.

Evgeny Petrov, Head of Key Customers Service, Moscow:
The DIALux 4 seminar was fruitful. I would like to thank the hosts for its organization.

Sergey Latynov, Design Engineer, Moscow:
Thank you, the seminar was very informative. In the future, I suggest covering typical solutions that can help speed up the calculations.

Larisa Saltykova, Department Head, Moscow:
The seminar covered all aspects of lighting design with the use of DIALux program. It is difficult to master all of them at once, so I will analyze them deeper during my work. Thank you!

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