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LED Leasing

Unique nature and advantages of the project

Lighting Technologies together with the National Leasing Company has launched a project for the leasing of lighting LED equipment.

The project is aimed at providing financial services for the acquisition of lighting systems. LED leasing means long-term (from 12 months to 5 years) financial lease of different lighting equipment with a possibility of its further re-purchase by the lessee. The leasing is carried out under a long-term contract between a leasing company (the lessor) that purchases the equipment at its own account and leases it for the period of time up to 5 years, and a lessee that make leasing payments in installments for the use of the leased equipment. After the expiration of the contract the lessee re-purchases the equipment at its residual value.

Uniqueness and undeniable advantage of the project is in the flexibility and customized solutions for each client. An important factor in the decision is the fact that during the operation of efficient lighting equipment amount of money received as a result of energy savings by a company will as a result cover all financial investments and leasing payments (taking into account value appreciation), and in most cases also will bring additional income to the lessee.

A transfer to energy efficient equipment will enable one to spare 50 to 80% of electrical energy and to considerably reduce operational costs.

Possible grace period for leasing payments* 

* – provided the advance payment makes not less than 30% 

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