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Lighting audit and audit of design documentation

Rationalized electrical energy consumption in lighting equipment is an important reserve for saving energy resources.

Analysis of a considerable number of design solutions and existing lighting equipment (buildings and constructions of different functions, outdoor lighting) showed that electrical energy is often irrationally used for lighting, and its consumption is subject to modernization or additional development. Light sources are often inefficient, and selection and location of luminaires is not always based on their lighting features. Lighting or project audit and rational follow-up measures enable one to decrease the cost of the project and to maximize return on investments.


Lighting audit includes the following steps:

•Measurement of illumination,flickering and other lighting parameters;

•Analysis and evaluation of the lighting system (for each premise);

•Drawing conclusions and making recommendations regarding the rational use of the lighting system;

•Making suggestions regarding system modernization as a result of energy audit;

•Preparation of an optimal and feasible complex of measures in order to minimize operational costs, reduce energy consumption, release additional capacities, increase labour efficiency and lower stress levels for employees. 


Design documentation audit includes the following steps:

•Express analysis of the current state of the project;

•Audit of contents and quality of design documentation;

•Compliance with the requirements of the customer and terms of reference;

•Development of a plan for project optimization and re-engineering.

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