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Hypermarket Sportmaster Moscow

Hypermarket Sportmaster
Hypermarket Sportmaster
Hypermarket Sportmaster
Hypermarket Sportmaster
Hypermarket Sportmaster


Year of implementation: 2020

Short description:

Sportmaster is an international multi-category, multi-brand retailer of sports and outdoor product.
Main task: 
The main task was to create a lighting installation that, on the one hand, integrates as much as possible and emphasizes the updated premium format of the Sportmaster trading floor, and, on the other hand, solves the key task of the store’s new concept - “light on goods, not space”. And of course, these requirements should have been implemented not to the detriment of the quality parameters of light and the comfort of the light environment, but also in compliance with all requirements for energy efficiency.
Lighting Technologies offered the optimal lighting solution for the updated store format, which complemented the new approach to the design of the retail space and visual merchandising of the hall (running markings on the floor are duplicated by light paths on the ceiling, advertising lightboxes demonstrate the advantages of brands, etc.).
General flood lighting of the trading floor with linear luminaires gave way to more focused highlighting of products and mannequin, using a larger number of devices accent lighting (ARMA/T LED) and led panels (DOMINO LED PANEL) which can flexibly adapt to the geometry of the trading floor and arrangement of commercial equipment.
In addition, was implemented a new solution for fitting rooms - TRYON LED luminaires with variable color temperature, which in addition to providing various scenarios (mountains, home furnishings) made it possible to achieve high cylindrical illumination and saturate the space with light. That is, the light evenly illuminating the buyer’s figure from all sides, provides a realistic perception of the image. And the use of different color temperatures from cold to warm allows you to see how the outfit looks in different conditions.


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