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Valuyki Railway Station Belgorod Region

Valuyki Railway Station

Belgorod Region

Year of implementation: 2019
Short description of the facility: Southeastern Energy Supply Directorate has completely updated the lighting system for Yard B in Valuyki border station, where the customs control of trains arriving to Russia from neighbouring Ukraine is conducted.
Task: Replacing obsolete intertrack lighting with energy-efficient lighting that meets Russian Railways standards. It is required to comply with the following illumination standard: 10 lux in the yard with a customs control zone, and 5 lux at turnouts and necks.
Result: As part of the project, 287 rigel lights and 24 high-mast ones were installed at the station. All of them are integrated with a control system that allows to address each lamp directly, create working groups, and monitor both each element and the parameters of the system as a whole. Work scenarios provide for high energy saving while unconditionally observing the standards for illumination and comfortable work of railway workers and station customs service.
 “The previous lighting masts did not shine so brightly, it was anyway dark between the trains,” said Sergei Irkhin, deputy chief of Belgorod customs Valuysky checkpoint. “It has become more convenient to work with lights on crossbar structures that cover the space between the trains, you can do without flashlights.” 


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