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Ice Stadium Nevinnomyssk

Ice Stadium
Ice Stadium


Year of implementation: 2019

All the luminaires of older types have been replaced with LED ones in the Ice Stadium of Nevinnomyssk. This will reduce costs by up to 52 per cent.
851 new luminaires have increased the illumination intensity 2.5 times inside the Stadium, specifically from 200 to 500 lux, and enhanced the illumination of the areas in front of the Stadium to 30 lux. There, our popular luminaires, such as HB LED (interior lighting) and MAGISTRAL LED (outside of the Stadium) are used.
Another advantage of the new illumination of the Stadium is that the luminaires installed there are considerably brighter, and thus quality of photographs and video footage during the sporting events will be higher.
The illumination is being improved by Lighting Technologies ESCO under an energy service contract.


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HB LED 75-100

HB LED 75-100

LED luminaires for high spans

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