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Volkswagen Group Rus Factory Kaluga

Volkswagen Group Rus Factory
Volkswagen Group Rus Factory


Lighting of the Production and Storage Area of the Company’s Main Plant in Russia

Project Overview: The Volkswagen Group Rus Factory is located in the Grabtsevo Park
in Kaluga city 170 km southwest of Moscow. Volkswagen and Skoda automobile manufacturers are confined to the area of the company.
The factory for the production of
1.6 MPI series EA211 gasoline engines is located there, too.
Task: The customer has set up a task to refurbish the lighting: replacing the outdated fluorescent lamps with energy efficient LEDs in the production and storage area. Luminaires installed on the busbar. The customer’s terms of reference and specifications for illuminating the site in the production complex accomplished.
Equipment used: LED MALL ECO (special modification)

Outcome: As an outcome of the competition between manufacturers, one luminaire of Lighting Technologies is selected by Volkswagen Group Rus as the most efficient product to satisfy the requirements posed. A special modification of the LED MALL ECO luminaire has been developed for
the customer’s perspective use. In particular, since the luminaire was to be installed on a busbar,
through wiring was removed, the attachment assembly was modified, and the special convenient
power input was constructed. The final decision is fully consistent with the customer’s terms of reference and specifications.
The work was done as part of the project sales, which means accomplishing the from-to project, including preparation and reconciliation of the lighting calculation, supply of equipment, and supervision installation.


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