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Hypermarket Lenta

Hypermarket Lenta Novosibirsk


Lenta is one of the largest and most dynamic retail chains in Russia. What makes Lenta different is that it is a “tailor-made” project created specifically for Russian retail market rather than another adapted western standard. A new hypermarket, the 5th mall of the chain located in the capital of Siberia will be opened in new design. According to the adopted concept, the salesroom inner stricture was updated, in particular, new shelf storage system was used to optimize the space. The shelves are more compact, so there are more of them which makes it possible to increase the length of product display and decrease storage costs. We also managed to make the salesroom lighter and visually more spacious, due to the shelf storage area optimization. The store is designed in modern style. Now it is in deeper and richer blue and yellow shades. In addition to practical features, visual solutions give to the new design particular European stylishness, feeling of reliability and confidence, and bright informative signs improve navigation and create festive atmosphere.


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