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Sheremetyevo-2 Airport, terminals D and F

Sheremetyevo-2 Airport, terminals D and F Moscow


Terminal F (former Sheremetyevo-2) is a historical and the best known terminal of the Sheremetyevo Airport, constructed for the 1980 Moscow Olympics. It is located in the Sheremetyevo Airport South Sector close to terminals D and E and Aeroexpress railway station. In addition to a single security zone, Terminal F is connected to other terminals of the South Sector via common public and sterile areas. This allows passengers to walk freely between the terminals and visit numerous bars, restaurants, waiting rooms, and one of the world’s largest Duty Free zones in Europe. Sheremetyevo’s Terminal D is a state-of-the-art terminal complex. It is a part of the single South Terminal Complex of the Sheremetyevo Airport. Terminal D is the basic terminal of the national carrier Aeroflot - Russian Airlines. Lighting Technologies performed a complete delivery of lighting equipment.


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