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OWP OPTIMA LED CF IP54 rated luminaires with variable color temperature.


This IP54 protected luminaire is specially designed as a universal solution for clean rooms such as food production, high-grade clean room entrances, production floors, and warehouses. The luminaire can be used in rooms with increased humidity levels like swimming pools, shower rooms, and bathrooms. The CF series means the possibility of changing the color temperature of light in the range from 2700K to 5700K within the DALI control system of luminaires. OTX LED CF can be part of the automated innovative DALI lighting control system, which simulates a solar cycle of changing color temperature throughout the day, as well as the possibility of manual control of the color temperature of the luminaire using DALI DT8 lighting control devices. In addition to the fact that the luminaire provides the most comfortable lighting and is energy-saving, it can positively influence the working capacity, mood and well-being of a person.




Installed recessed in Armstrong type suspended ceilings or mounted on the ceiling surface. To control the color temperature of the luminaries, a DALI lighting control system is required that supports the latest DALI revision of EN62386 Part 209 in the DALI Device Type 8 (DALI DT8) color temperature management plan.


Powder-painted weld sheet steel housing. Silicone seal attached along the perimeter.

Optical part

Opal PMMA diffuser in a metal frame. Attached to the housing with screws. Can be optionally supplied with a tempered silicate matte glass. LED type: SMD.

Lamp Type



No value


  • Clean room
  • Industrial enterprises
  • Medical institutions


  • I
  • IP54
  • IK02/0,2 J
  • Clm App2
  • -20 to +40
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