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FACTORY.OPL LED Modular suspension system


The FACTORY.OPL LED series linear LED-based luminaires are designed for illuminating indoor storage facilities and industrial areas as well as hypermarkets. They produce comfortable light thanks to uniform diffuser illumination. The possibility of in-line connection (through-wired versions) with IP54 protection makes it possible to use these luminaires in indoor areas where a fire sprinkler system is installed.




Luminaires are installed from the ceiling or wall surface by means of mounting plats (included into delivery set). If you want to suspend the luminaire at the rope, please, order Suspension mounting kit FACTORY LED (order code – 2598000060). For installation of luminaire at busbar or wall Busbar mounting kit FACTORY LED (oder code – 2598000050) or Wall/celing rotary brackets FACTORY LED (oder code – 2598000040) is required.


Casing of the luminaire is made of aluminum profile, covered with metallic powder paint. Power supply source is installed inside the casing. For luminaires of LED MALL series connection in line is provided. Manufacture of luminaire with through wiring is available upon request.

Optical part

Opal PMMA diffuser. Specular aluminum reflector. Opal PMMA diffuser. LED type: SMD.

Lamp Type



  • Consumer service
  • Hypermarkets-/supermarkets
  • Industrial enterprises
  • Mall
  • Warehouse facilities


  • I
  • IP54
  • IK02/0,2 J
  • Clm App2
  • -20 to +40
Models list
Models list
Models list
Title Luminous flux Power Capability lm/W Length Width Weight Article no.
5500 lm 50 W 110 1212 mm 95 mm 6.50 kg 1997016950
11000 lm 108 W 102 1512 mm 95 mm 8.20 kg 1997016910
Show archived models
FACTORY.OPL LED 100 IP54 ME6 5000K Planned date of elimination: 10.01.2019 11000 lm 100 W 110 1512 mm 95 mm 8.20 kg 1508000030
FACTORY.OPL LED 30 IP54 5000K /E/ Planned date of elimination: 31.07.2016 3300 lm 35 W 94 0 mm 0 mm 0.00 kg 1997016930
FACTORY.OPL LED 80 IP54 5000K /E/ Planned date of elimination: 10.01.2018 8850 lm 80 W 111 0 mm 0 mm 0.00 kg 1997016970
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