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DENTAL SHADOWLESS Shadowless dental luminaire


Dentist’s working space requires special shadowless illumination that allows to distinguish all shades of dental materials. DENTAL SHADOWLESS luminaire series makes it possible due to the large light output area , special prismatic diffuser and LEDs with CRI> 90. The lamp modification CRI index depends on the used lamps.




Mounted on the included suspensions that allow adjustment of the luminaire height. The standard suspension height is 1.2 m.


Housing made of extruded aluminum painted with matte powder paint. Lamp version maintenance is provided via top cover of the luminaire. Power supply (driver) is installed inside the luminaire. Dimming version is optionally available (changing of light output from 0 to 100% via remote). The housing has IP40 level and disinfectants (30% hydrogen peroxide) and UV protection. The luminaire is equipped with a wire suspension set and a remote.

Optical part

Lamp version of the luminaire is equipped with high efficient aluminum reflector (MIRO® 5 mark).LED version of the luminaire is equipped with LEDs with high CRI >90. Special installation of LEDs provides uniform illumination of the luminaire diffuser surface.Both versions are equipped with PMMA diffusor that provides uniform and shadowless lighting

Lamp Type



  • Medical institutions


  • I
  • IP40
  • IK02/0,2 J
  • Clm App4
  • +5 to +35
Models list
Models list
Models list
Title Luminous flux Power Capability lm/W Length Width Weight Article no.
18700 lm 270 W 69 1241 mm 674 mm 13.50 kg 1997022660
4450 lm 324 W 64 1241 mm 674 mm 15.00 kg 1997022670
4450 lm 324 W 64 1241 mm 674 mm 15.00 kg 1182000010
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