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LINER/S LED CF Suspended light lines with variable color temperature.


Suspended modular LED-based lighting system for offices, meeting rooms, corridors, lobbies, and lounges. Modern design, comfortable light, and energy efficiency – these are unbeatable arguments for choosing the Liner LED. The CF series means the possibility of changing the color temperature of light in the range from 2700K to 5700K within the DALI control system of luminaires. OTX LED CF can be part of the automated innovative DALI lighting control system, which simulates a solar cycle of changing color temperature throughout the day, as well as the possibility of manual control of the color temperature of the luminaire using DALI DT8 lighting control devices. In addition to the fact that the luminaire provides the most comfortable lighting and is energy-saving, it can positively influence the working capacity, mood and well-being of a person.




Mounted on the ceiling surface using the included wire-rope suspensions (max. 2 m). LINER DR luminaires are designed to be connected in-line. For in-line connection, an end cap kit needs to be ordered that includes 2 end caps and the associated fasteners, order codes (2471000090 End cup set LINER/S DR, LR W). To control the color temperature of the luminaries, a DALI lighting control system is required that supports the latest DALI revision of EN62386 Part 209 in the DALI Device Type 8 (DALI DT8) color temperature management plan.


White powder-painted aluminium profile housing.

Optical part

Opal PMMA diffuser. LED type: SMD.

Lamp Type



  • Cultural and entertainment facilities
  • Educational institutions
  • HoReCa / hotels / restaurants / cafes
  • Hypermarkets-/supermarkets
  • Mall
  • Medical institutions
  • Office and administrative premises
  • Stadiums
  • Stores / boutiques


  • I
  • IP20
  • IK02/0,2 J
  • Clm App4
  • +5 to +35
Models list
Models list
Models list
Title Luminous flux Power Capability lm/W Length Width Weight Article no.
2200 lm 27 W 81 658 mm 581 mm 3.90 kg 1997028380 Compare Compare
2200 lm 27 W 81 1140 mm 105 mm 4.40 kg 1997028390 Compare Compare
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LINER/S LED 1200 W CF HFR ME6 Planned date of elimination: 10.07.2017 2360 lm 27 W 87 1140 mm 105 mm 4.90 kg 1473000390 Compare Compare
LINER/S LED 1200 CF /E/ 2360 lm 27 W 87 1140 mm 105 mm 4.40 kg 1997021190 Compare Compare
LINER/S LED 1200 CF 2360 lm 27 W 87 1140 mm 105 mm 4.40 kg 1473000290 Compare Compare
Title Amount Luminaire Code Weight, kg
End cap set LINER/S DR, LR W End cap set LINER/S DR, LR W Amount:1 Luminaire Code:2471000090 Weight, kg:0.55
End cap set LINER/S DR, LR S End cap set LINER/S DR, LR S Amount:1 Luminaire Code:2471000100 Weight, kg:0.55
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