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ANTARES LED ANTARES LED series luminaires


ANTARES LED emergency luminaire will show the escape route in the most severe emergency situation. Its key features are extreme reliability and powerful functionality. A number of accessories are available for the luminaire, such as decorative frames, double-sided diffuser, and mounting clips for recessed installation in plasterboard ceilings.




Mounted on the wall/ceiling surface or fully/partially recessed into the wall/ceiling using ST 21 clips. When recess mounted, the luminaire is equiped with a ST 26 decorative frame. Accessories (ST 21, ST 26, ST 27) are ordered separately.


Polycarbonate housing. An operational status LED is installed on the housing panel. Emergency lighting testing and control are performed from a TELEMANDO device. Rechargeable batteries are included.

Optical part

Polycarbonate diffuser. Pictograms are supplied separately. Recognition distance 25 m. Lamps are included. Pictograms for the double-sided diffuser are supplied with ST 27.

Lamp Type



  • Educational institutions
  • HoReCa / hotels / restaurants / cafes
  • Hypermarkets-/supermarkets
  • Mall
  • Medical institutions
  • Office and administrative premises
  • Stairs / hallways
  • Stores / boutiques
  • Transport hubs (railway stations, airports)


  • II
  • IP42
  • IK02/0,2 J
  • Clm App4
  • 0 to +40
Models list
Models list
Models list
Title Emerg. Work Type Power Capability Autonomy in emergency mode Battery Ni-Cd Working Lights Average Brightness Article no.
maintained 3.6 W 3 RB 6,0 V 1,5 A*h Ni-Cd Lamp LED 9VDC-300mA 6000 220 4501006400 Добавить в сравнение Добавить в сравнение
сentral battery 4 W - No accumulator Lamp 3W 6000K LED T5 COO 220 4501007060 Добавить в сравнение Добавить в сравнение
maintained 4 W 1 RB 6,0 V 0,8 A*h Ni-Cd Lamp LED 9VDC-300mA 6000 220 4501006390 Добавить в сравнение Добавить в сравнение
Show archived models
ANTARES 4221-4 LED AT IR Planned date of elimination: 31.12.2015 - 6 W - - - - 4502003100 Добавить в сравнение Добавить в сравнение
ANTARES 4221-4 LED AT Planned date of elimination: 10.01.2018 - 4 W - - - - 4502002550 Добавить в сравнение Добавить в сравнение
Title Amount Luminaire Code Weight, kg
RB 6,0В 0,8А*ч RB 6,0В 0,8А*ч Amount:1 Luminaire Code:4501005080 Weight, kg:0.13
RB 6,0В 1,5А*ч RB 6,0В 1,5А*ч Amount:1 Luminaire Code:4501005090 Weight, kg:0.21
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