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LED MALL ECO LINE series dust- and moisture-proof LED-based luminaire


The LED MALL ECO IP54 series dust- and moisture-proof LED-based luminaires in a compact extruded aluminum housing can efficiently replace continuous-row lighting systems based on fluorescent lamps. The high luminous flux, luminous efficacy up to 120 lm/W, two LDC options, high CRI, and the possibility to create long light lines significantly expand the range of applications for these luminaires, enabling their use both in large and mid-size retail sales areas as well as in auxiliary and storage facilities.




Mounted on the ceiling surface using brackets or suspended to the ceiling. LED MALL ECO connecting bracket is used for in-line connection (1 pc per connection). For sealed electrical connection and power supply, THB cable connector is used. The minimum required number of suspensions for in-line installation is 1 suspension/bracket kit per luminaire. The cable connector, LED MALL ECO bracket kit for surface mounting, and LED MALL ECO suspension kit are supplied separately.


White powder-painted extruded aluminum housing. The power supply unit is installed inside the housing.

Optical part

PMMA opal diffuser or lens. LED type: SMD.

Lamp Type

No value


No value


  • Hypermarkets-/supermarkets
  • Warehouse facilities


  • I
  • IP54
  • IK02/0,2 J
  • Clm App4
  • 0 to +40
  • -25 to +40
  • True
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Title Amount Luminaire Code Weight, kg
Suspension kit LED MALL ECO /E/ Suspension kit LED MALL ECO /E/ Amount:1 Luminaire Code:2997000550 Weight, kg:0.13
Ceiling bracket LED MALL ECO /E/ Ceiling bracket LED MALL ECO /E/ Amount:1 Luminaire Code:2997000670 Weight, kg:0.0057
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