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MOBILIGHT LED Autonomous LED lighting system


MOBILIGHT LED standalone diesel-powered lighting system designed to be used at remote places with no power supply connectivity, at the sites where repair, rescue, emergency, or other urgent works are conducted, and for supporting the operation of special services and paramilitary units.




Mobilight LED 8x250 mobile lighting systems are installed on a trailer with a hitch that enables transporting them freely.


These standalone lighting systems are equipped with the economical and reliable Perkins diesel engine as well as a modern control panel for mast lifting and spotlight control. The engine and the generator are fully enclosed in a protective enclosure that provides a simple and easy access to the engine compartment for maintenance. Diesel fuel tank capacity is 140 liters. The systems have a splash-proof compartment for document and tool storage.

Optical part

Clear tempered glass.

Lamp Type



  • Autonomous lighting
  • Industrial enterprises
  • Road lighting
  • Warehouse facilities


  • I
  • IP65
  • IK08/6,5 J
  • Clm App1
  • -40 to +40
Models list
Models list
Models list
Title Luminous flux Power Capability lm/W Length Width Weight Article no.
Mobilight LED 8x250 Planned date of elimination: 01.12.2018 24000 lm 2000 W 12 2430 mm 2800 mm 1100.00 kg 2495001650 Compare Compare

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