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INSEL LED EX Explosion-proof LED luminaires


INSEL LED Ex series explosion-proof luminaire designed for all classes of indoor and outdoor explosion-hazardous locations in oil/gas and petrochemical industry according to the explosion protection marking.




It can be integrated into niches using included fixing set. May be fixed at the wall or console by means wall mounting bracket and pole mounting bracket.


Coper-free aluminium alloy housing. The Led-module, driver and screw terminals for power supply are mounted inside the housing. Led-module and motion/light sensor are making "d" type ex-proof enclosure (flameproof enclosure). Driver and terminals are making "e" type ex-proof enclosure (increased safety), "m" (encapsulation). Luminaire is making "t" type exproof enclosure (dust ignition). Mounting straps, fasteners are made of stainless steel.

Optical part

Diffuser is made of impact-resistant tempered borosilicate glass. Secondary optic is made of PMMA with different beam angles. Led source: SMD.

Lamp Type


EX Mark

1 Ex dem II T6 Gb/Ex tb IIIC Ta 80°C Db – for 70 W, 80 W luminaires; 1 Ex dem II T5 Gb/Ex tb IIIC Ta 100°C Db – for 100 W, 120 W luminaires.


Luminaire is making "t" type exproof enclosure (dust ignition). Zones: gas explosion protection – 1, 2; dust explosion protection– 21, 22. Earthing: internal and external, M5. CRI: 80. Color temperature: 5000 К (4000 К on request).


  • Oil and Gas
  • Seagoing vessels / floating structures / fixed platform


  • I
  • IP66
  • IK08/7 J
  • IK08/5 J
  • Clm App1
  • -60 to +55
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