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HB LED 75-100 LED luminaires for high spans


Updated generation of energyefficient modular luminaires for illuminating industrial shop floors and logistics facilities with ceilings higher than 8 m. The key advantages of this series are high high luminous efficiency and a unique heat removal system that ensures stable characteristics during the entire service life. For operating in harsh environmental conditions and firehazardous areas, the luminaires can be supplied with a clear tempered glass. For warehouse lighting applications, a special optics is available (D50x20) that provides optimum illumination of the interrack space and rack sides.




Mounted on the ceiling or wall surface using an U-bracket. Adjustable angle relative to the mounting surface (0 to 45degr). Modules can be tilted 0 to 36degr relative to the U-bracket. Can be suspended.


Metallic painted cast aluminum housing. LED modules with secondary optics and a driver are installed inside the housing. HB LED 75-100 has two LED modules, two connection brackets, and a U-bracket for suspension.

Optical part

Polycarbonate lenses. As an option, the luminaires can be supplied with a clear tempered glass.

Lamp Type



No value


  • Industrial enterprises
  • Mall
  • Sports hall
  • Transport hubs (railway stations, airports)
  • Warehouse facilities
  • Животноводство
  • Цеха


  • II
  • I
  • IP66
  • IK10/20 J
  • IK08/5 J
  • Clm App1
  • -30 to +40
  • от -50 до +55
  • True
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