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Lighting Technologies

1 April 2015

TITAN LED. A new dust and moisture proof LED light

The “Lighting Technologies” company has expanded its IP65 LED light product range by introducing luminaires TITAN LED. These luminaires are distinguished for their small size, appealing design, mounting ease, energy efficiency under 100 lm/W, and affordable price

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Lighting Technologies

30 March 2015

SLICK.PRS LED. Maximum energy saving

The following information concerns line extension of the SLICK.PRS LED industrial LED luminaires. The luminaires of SLICK.PRS LED series are a functional sequel to the SLICK.PRS ECO LED series, featuring improved technical characteristics and a wide set of options.

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Lighting Technologies

17 March 2015

FREGAT LED. A new light for roads and streets

FREGAT LED is a new multi-purpose LED street light intended for illumination of roads of different categories, adjacent territories, parking lots, yards, and the like. An efficient optical system, adjustable swinging bracket, cast aluminum housing, and high-quality electronic components make this light a universal solution for the outdoor lighting tasks of virtually any complexity level.

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