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  5. The MAGISTRAL luminaries as a fusion of progressive engineering and design ideas

The MAGISTRAL luminaries as a fusion of progressive engineering and design ideas

21 June 2022 Category: Products Author: Anna Krasavina

MAGISTRAL LED is No. 1 in the range for lighting high–speed roads. The unique design, highly efficient combination of LEDs, optics and power supply make the luminaire the best solution for lighting broadband highways and A1 class outbound highways.
It was not easy to create a device with such characteristics, design and technologies used. Working on the MAGISTRAL LED was a challenge that the engineering team successfully coped with.

Initially, the creation of the device was due to numerous requests for Class A highway lighting projects. At that time, the active construction of toll roads began, and we did not have a product that met the requirements for the illumination of a four-lane roadway. After the release of the first batch, it became clear that the use of the luminaries is much wider. It is used for lighting parking lots, large open spaces, sports facilities and also in the urban environment. In Moscow, this luminaire is installed at transport interchanges, chords, near new metro stations.

The housing is made in the form of two separate protected shells with a degree of protection IP 65. This design protects the light source (LEDs) and other electronic components from moisture. In addition to optimal thermal conditions, the structural part is designed in such a way as to significantly reduce the wind load. To achieve this task, the parts of the housing are divided.

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