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Report on UV-C recirculators efficiency

21 October 2021 Category: Products Author: Anna Krasavina

We would like to inform you that Report on the efficiency of our Bactericidal UV Air Recirculators OBN PRO 2 FORCED 230 and SANITAR 230 is available.
The study has shown high efficiency of UV air recirculators for air decontamination in work premises of the burns unit and bacteriological laboratory in the clinic of N.V. Sklifosovsky First Aid Research Institute at the indoor air exchange rate of 1.7-1.8 times per hour. According to the results, OBN PRO2 230 FORCED and SANITAR 230 UV recirculators reduce air total microbal count (TMC) in work areas by 3-4 times in 6 hours of operation.
Please be informed that SANITAR 230 is a new modification of OBN PRO range, in which there is a function of switching the fan speed (standard and quite) is implemented.

You can find out more details about our UVC offer from the LT Europe team.
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