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Complete Lighting Solutions for Petrol stations

25 June 2021 Category: Products Author: Dick van de Vendel
Petrol stations are not only an integral part of modern transport infrastructure, they are also socially important facilities. By using the services of a filling station, we carry out a certain communication with the brand, the quality of which forms our perception of it. It is obvious that our perception is influenced by a number of factors, among which lighting plays an important role.

A light design should make a filling station stand out from its surroundings ensure that the information sign is legible and that the brand is easily identifiable from a distance. The lighting should provide safe passage for drivers and pedestrians, it helps to navigate the territory of the filling station. Usually, modern filling stations offer a number of additional services, such as shop, cafeteria, car wash and others, bringing additional profit to the enterprise. A competently designed lighting helps to increase sales in the store and cafeteria, provides efficient and safe operation of these functional groups.

Our new brochure contains practical recommendations for organizing lighting on petrol stations, taking into account all requirements, formulated the principles of functional-light zoning based on the products of the company "Lighting Technologies Europe GmbH".

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