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  5. 10 years ago, the Aluminum Casting Workshop has been launched!

10 years ago, the Aluminum Casting Workshop has been launched!

15 June 2021 Category: Company Author: Alexander Matyushin
June marks the 10th anniversary of Aluminum Casting Workshop of Lighting Technologies, which was opened at the factory in Ryazan in 2011. Here are manufactured components for lighting products using the high-pressure casting method, followed by the mechanical processing.

The workshop consists of a foundry section and a mechanical processing section, equipped with modern high-tech equipment: melting furnaces, casting complexes, which include transfer furnaces, capping presses for gating and feeding system separation, robotic demoulders, robotic pourers, robotic greasers, high precision CNC machines, shot-blasting equipment for highest surface quality and better adhesion during painting, as well as locksmith equipment. The auxiliary equipment includes a state-of-the-art scrubber, an evaporator which cleans the waste water emulsion grease from the OMS foundry complexes. In order to verify the quality of the aluminium melt used in the manufacturing of castings, each cast is subjected to chemical composition testing using an optical emission spectrometer.

The pride of the workshop is its employees. The average age is 39 years and the average number of years in the workshop is 4. Special thanks to those who have worked in the shop since its foundation: Dmitry Alimkin, Roman Egorov, Yuri Komarov and Oleg Shilyaev for their contribution to the establishment and development of our site!
We continue to grow and do not stop at what we’ve achieved. This is only the first 10 years!
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