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  5. SMD. Surface mounting of LEDs on printed circuit boards (Video)

SMD. Surface mounting of LEDs on printed circuit boards (Video)

18 May 2021 Category: Company Author: Saneta Khamova
In this video we will show you how to assemble electrical components on printed circuit boards.

The surface mounting area is equipped with the most high-tech equipment available. Capacity up to 1,000,000 clusters per month. High accuracy of the component installation system. Installer accuracy — 30 microns. Quality control at all stages: 3D control of solder paste application, 3D inspection of the installation of components on printed circuit boards, control of lighting parameters.
Today the company has two interchangeable surface mount lines and one line for small series and prototype assemblies.
This way, we fully satisfy our needs in hardware — clusters and power supplies for lights, as well as controllers.
LEDs are supplied by the best manufacturers, in particular Cree, Nichia and Samsung. LEDs made in Russia, including RuSid, are also used.

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