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Start of production of Russian LEDs

19 October 2020 Category: Company Author: Vitaly Bogdanov
October 16, 2020, LLC “Lighting Technologies IGC”, and RPA “RoSAT” established a joint venture - RuSID LLC, which will develop production of Russian LEDs based on the production site RoSAT in the city of Armavir. Since 2020, the measures of state regulation of the procurement in accordance with Federal Laws 44 and 223 began to work fully and effectively.

Products of Russian origin will definitely receive serious support when operating in regulated markets, the share of which, after being extended to companies with state participation and their subsidiaries, may reach 30-40% depending on the product segment.
The realities of the Russian lighting market unambiguously determine the criticality of independence from the actions of a monopolist in the segment of Russian LED production.
By their step, LLC “Lighting Technologies IGC”, strives not only to ensure safety of the significant part of its business, but also together with partners intend to strictly adhere to an open model of work and set a goal as early as mid-2021 to ensure the supply of competitive Russian LEDs to a wide range of interested lighting companies.

On the basis of RPA RoSAT, the partners began to produce LEDs in standard sizes 2835 and 3030, which is confirmed by the corresponding accreditation of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.
Research and development, selection of components for LEDs - testing of Russian suppliers of phosphor, adhesives, etc. - are underway to launch high-performance equipment.
And if so far the production volumes are limited by the holding's requests, then by summer large-scale deliveries to the market will be provided.

The possibility of a second stage of investments is already being considered - in the production of LEDs on a ceramic substrate or LEDs of the CSP format. The decision on this step will be made on the basis of negotiations with interested market players.
All commercial and engineering activities of the partners will be concentrated within the framework of the joint venture - RuSID LLC. The company is open to discussing prospective cooperation and is interested in consolidating data on the needs for Russian-made LEDs.
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