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DOMINO LED is the Game by Your Rules!

28 January 2020 Category: Products Author: Dick van de Vendel

DOMINO LED is the product range of lighting fixtures and accessories that is capable of solving any problem: from the lighting in a shopping centre to the light emphasis in medium stores.
The key advantage of DOMINO LED is the ease of installation. Luminaries and accessories can be connected to each other without any extra tools. A special element ensures the rigidity in case of line connection and guarantees a stable geometry even when there are many luminaries in the line, and convenient ‘male-female’ connectors alow making a quick and safe electrical connection.
L-, T- and X-shaped connecting elements allow configuring the lighting system as freely as possible and creating any geometry of lighting installation (nets, squares, zigzags, etc.).
DOMINO LED is a full-fledged main system. All luminaries have three-phase wiring, which ensures the even distribution of electric load and makes it possible to create extensive light lines. The casing of each device has a handy phase selector.
Many retail stores often change displays. To have the DOMINO lighting system as flexible and adaptive as possible, we introduced the DOMINO TRK accessory to make light emphases. It allows combining the functions of common and emphasizing lighting in one system. Emphasizing fixtures can be installed directly in the DOMINO line element.

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