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Product Launch: DOMO LED

26 November 2019 Category: Products Author: Dick van de Vendel

We are pleased to announce the launch of sales of DOMO LED luminaries for the decorative and functional illumination of building facades, public spaces and areas.

The DOMO LED luminaries are a universal solution for decorative, architectural and functional lighting. A high degree of protection against extremal mechanical impacts, and available modifications with a motion/light sensors make DOMO LED an ideal solution for lighting up the entrance space in luxury apartment buildings. The decorative blinds (optional) allow using the luminary for architectural lighting, in particular, for creating the up/down effect.

Die-cast aluminum casting with powder coating. The casing accommodates a printed circuit board with light emitting diodes and a driver. The diffuser is made of opalescent polycarbonate.

Specifications Summary:
• Power: 11/22 W
• Optional decorative blind for creating the up/down effect
• Optional motion and light sensor
• Optics: cosine (D)
• Colour temperature: 4000 K, 3000 K
• Colour rendering index > 80
• Flickering < 5%
• Ingress protection: IP65, IK10
• Operating temperature range: from –30 to +40°С Code Name Luminous flux, lm Power, W lm/W

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