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Product Launch: SKYLINE LED

Product Launch: SKYLINE LED

20 November 2019 Category: Products Author: Dick van de Vendel
We are pleased to inform you about the launch of sales of SKYLINE LED luminaries for the urban environment.

The SKYLINE LED luminaries have a contemporary urbanistic design and a vast range of optics types and installation methods, which allows using them for the modern and historical development.
The tool-free access to the driver enables an easy connection and service of the luminary.
The luminary casing is made of die-cast aluminum, the optics are protected by tempered glass. The adjustable bracket can provide a tilt angle from 0 to 90 degrees for console/floor luminaries.

Specifications Summary:
• Power: 34 / 54-60 / 88 / 104 W
• 3 installation options: console/floor, wire rope suspension (TROSS versions), pipe suspension (SUSP versions)
• Optics: wide lateral (DW), wide axial (DS), wide 120° “comfort” (DK)
• Colour temperature: 4000 K, 3000 K
• Colour rendering index > 70 (for DK >80 version)
• Flickering < 1%
• Ingress protection: IP65, IK08
• Operating temperature range: –40…+40°С Code Name Luminous flux, lm Power, W lm/W

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