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Project: Anima Equestrian”, Tuscany, Italy

7 March 2019 Category: Company Author: Saneta Khamova
Project: Anima Equestrian”, Tuscany, Italy
Lighting Technologies Europe implemented the first stage of the project “Anima Equestrian”, Tuscany, Italy, in the field of equestrian sport. The main requirement for the lighting project was the creation of uniform, adjustable and maximally “shadowless” lighting, indoor riding area with a size of 70x40 m., as well as two open areas: 60x30m and 40x20m. To illuminate the arena were used HB LED 150 4000K and HB LED 225 4000K luminaires, which received VDE certification and “Sports certification” in Germany. In the project, dimmable luminaires were used, which makes it possible to use the DEUS system for controlling the lighting in the future (the second stage of the project), both from the dispatcher's workplace, in automatic mode, and from mobile devices. In open areas were installed MAGISTRAL LED 300 and MAGISTRAL LED 240 on masts 8 and 10 m high. The project was implemented by our partners LOIBAS and Fischer Stalltechnick LED.
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