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Project: Multi-purpose Soccer Complex (FIFA Academy) / Astana, Kazakhstan

19 December 2018 Category: Projects Author: Maria Popova

Project Overview: Construction of a covered arena with a full-size soccer field. The project was funded by UEFA, the complex is located on a land plot of about 3.5 ha. The complex accommodates the Federation’s office, fan shops, and a fitness centre. The complex takes pride in a state-of-the-art 100 x 60 m covered soccer field with a last-generation artificial turf. This field can be used all year round.
Task: to provide a minimum 500 lx illumination level at the field. The layout of the light fixtures must be such as not to dazzle the athletes, and must ensure uniform illumination around the entire perimeter of the field. The fixtures must have a low weight, a broad line of units with various light distribution curve angles and a wide range of axial settings for precise positioning.
Outcome: All the project requirements set by the customer have been met.
HB LED fixtures are lightweight (which was critical since they were attached to the timber bearing beams of the roof that were moved apart in summer) and have a wide range of settings, both vertically and horizontally.
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