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HoroShkola / Moscow, Russia

15 September 2017 Category: Projects Author: Maria Popova

HoroShkola is the most advanced school in Russia today. It offers an enhanced coverage of natural sciences and extended functionality in terms of sports: Three gyms, a well-equipped swimming pool with a balcony for spectators at the level of second floor. The education system here will correspond to the teaching philosophy adopted at Harvard School (USA) that ranks second in the list of the best schools of the world.
The whole process of school construction is thought out to the last detail: open spaces, floor-to-ceiling glazing in atriums, recreational areas with natural light, spacious forums for lessons and communication for each of the stages of education, which can be modified to look like separate areas.
Goal: complex modern illumination of all areas of the school taking into account the comfort of perception of the light environment in the first place with the application of principles of zoning with the use of colour temperature. The lighting of functional premises (classrooms) is provided by the reflected light system. Each area of the school has its own lighting solution and an individual lighting and architectural environment. In addition, due to the openness of spaces, both internal and external, it was necessary to unite all the elements without violating the uniform and unique design style.
Result: all the premises are illuminated only with LED-luminaries within the framework of the project. Classrooms – REFLECT LED 1500 4000 K (total amount is 1000 pcs). The recreational area uses a special PROFILE 60 solution. The individual lighting solution for the dining area is based on the SOL P design luminary. A single continuous line illuminates the stairwell by LINER/S TH LED luminaires. The swimming pool area is illuminated by LED MALL ECO luminaires that create the “light out of nowhere” visual effect.
The limitation of glare was one of the most important tasks when designing the lighting in HoroShkola. Rated values of UGR for educational premises are 14 to 25, depending on the purpose of premises. It is this range that was maintained when designing the lighting system.
An important factor influencing the visual comfort of students and teachers is luminous flux pulsation factor. To avoid the negative effect resulted by the light flux pulsation, the out-phasing was used for lighting installation in the majority of school premises, which made it possible to reach a pulsation coefficient value of not more than 0.5%.

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