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  5. Project: METRO Hypermarket, Odintsovsky district / Moscow region

Project: METRO Hypermarket, Odintsovsky district / Moscow region

4 October 2018 Category: Projects Author: Maria Popova

Project Description: METRO Hypermarket is located in Moscow region Area: 9.3 thous.sq.meters. The serious difference of the tenth METRO shopping mall in vicinities of Moscow is its environmentally friendly format – during construction environmentally sound systems of refrigerating equipment were used, which allow significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions into atmosphere as well as reduction of operational costs.
Task: We were set the task to apply advanced energy efficient equipment at METRO Hypermarket. The equipment shall meet the hypermarket concept and allow creating general uniform lighting of the non-food area.
Result: Lighting calculations with equipment completion and supervised installation at the facility were performed. The environmentally friendly concept of the hypermarket was supported by the use of energy saving DOMINO LED fixtures manufactured by Lighting Technologies IGC, created based on recent developments in LED-based lighting. Use of DOMINO LED mainline system with angular connectors enabled the perfect appearance of the lighting system and high quality of light for uniform illumination of racks and allowed to avoid blinding of shopping space personnel and buyers. Further operation of equipment shall provide for low energy consumption and convenience of use due to significant reduction of time and costs for subsequent maintenance. The obtained result fully complies with requirements of METRO Hypermarket.
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