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Central plant laboratory. A little history..

15 February 2018 Category: Company Author: Alexander Karev

Last year, Central Plant Laboratory celebrated five years of its existence. Today, Central Plant Laboratory is a real testing facility for a large production company, and the company operation cannot be imagined without compulsory testing of products and component quality in a personal equipped laboratory. Competence, universality and interchangeability are the main qualities of all employees of this little group. In 2017, the laboratory team won the corporate nomination ‘Team of the Year’.
The main task of the Central Plant Laboratory is to ensure high quality of products, compliance with standards, reducing time for developing new products, analysing rivals’ achievements and failures.
How it began...
Following the decision of the company management, in 2011, organizational and construction works for establishing the Central Plant Laboratory were included in the development plan, and a procurement plan for the required equipment was created. Firs tests began in March, 2012.
A unique RIGO 801 goniophotometer developed and produced by German company TechnoTeam became the core of the laboratory. The near-region goniophotometer allows to measure light flux from luminaries and obtain light intensity curve distribution. Not all companies producing light products and photometric performance measuring laboratories can boast on having such a unit. There are only three such units in Russia, and one of them belongs to us.
A little later, a new Instrument System (Germany) photospectroscopy complex with a unique 2 m diameter integrating sphere came into commission in Moscow subdivision of the laboratory. Together with the goniophotometer, they formed a contemporary light measuring complex. This allows to promptly conduct comprehensive investigation of ally specific parameters of luminaries with any sizes and power capacities. When test results confirm high level of our luminaries, it gives us confidence in their reliability and makes us proud for the capabilities of our laboratory.
The second step directed at Central Plant Laboratory extension was bringing into commission equipment for IP tests. At the moment, the laboratory can conduct almost all types of IP test, except for dust chamber tests and 8 grade water tests.
At the next stages, the laboratory was equipped with complex units for electric parameter exploration and strength tests, materials research equipment, including the unit for testing RoHS directive compliance.
As of today, we can conduct over 30 types of tests, including photometric, spectroscopic tests, electric tests, heat tests, mechanical tests, electromagnetic compatibility tests, IP and IK protection degree compatibility tests, RoHS directive compatibility tests, insulation electric properties tests, protective grounding tests, etc.
The number of test types increases every day. This year, an EMC test area was put into operation. Increase of the number of test types is planned within short time.
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