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PROJECT: Video analysis based control of storage illumination

21 March 2018 Category: Projects Author: Maria Popova

Winner of Eurasian Golden Photon Prize in Industrial Lighting category

The project for lighting of a warehouse complex belonging to Russian Light Company (Tver, Cental Russia) using video analysis based lighting control systems was implemented in cooperation with Russian Light Company and DEUS company. This particular innovation project was recognized as the best project by the jury of Eurasian Golden Photon Prize.
It was planned to replace luminaries with 400 W metal halogen lamps with contemporary LED luminaries HB LED 150 by Lighting Technologies in 24 passages of the central warehouse complex in Tver. To achieve maximum economy, a control system was required that would combine switch on and off LED luminaries (dimming was not required due to the absence of natural light sources) depending on the movement in the passages. At first sight, implementation of PIR sensors was evident.
Each 45 m long passage would require 6 High Bay PIR sensors installed at 12 m height. After obtaining negative results of testing a number of High Bay sensors, a joint decision was made to reject this approach and to try out the IP camera based lighting control system with a video analysis module that was being developed.
Description of the project and its special aspects:
To solve the problem, two passages were chosen: HB LED 150 luminaries were installed in one of them, and 4 x HB LED 228 luminaries were installed in the other one. The passage was (visually) divided into 2 detection areas, in other words, into two control groups. Each group of two luminaries in the circuit break had a ME6-NF control module, i.e., total of 4 modules for the two passages. To connect ME6-NF modules with ME6 Wireless platform located at the customer’s server 1 x ME6-R router was used. RVi-IPC32S video cameras located on the wall of each passage were used to transfer the video stream to the server.
Deus Сompany developed a video analytic module and a special interface on ME6 platform, which allows to do the following:
- To create the required number of detection zones (of any shape) within the camera visibility area;
- To associate illumination group to the created areas;
- To determine the number of moving objects in the picture;
- To determine the motion paths of moving objects;
- To create work scenarios for illumination groups depending on the object movement trajectories.
Project results:
After two months of operation, the solution showed the following results:
- Reduction of power consumption by 50%;
- doubling service life of the lighting installation;
- Usage of control system for 24 storage passages reduces the payback period from implementation of the comprehensive solution to 2-3 years.
Beside economic indicators, the system allows to obtain analytic data on utilized capacity of a certain area in the form of diagrams or to visualize it on plans in the form of heat maps which allows further optimization of storage work processes.
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