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PROJECT: Tsar Square Residential Complex / Moscow

29 June 2018 Category: Projects Author: Maria Popova
tzar square 1
tzar square 2
tzar square 3
tzar square 4

Project overview: Tsar Square is a multi-purpose business-class residential complex by Coalco located in the north of the Russian capital.
Task: Architectural lighting for facades highlighting the individuality of the facility and allowing to fit it into the style environment of the business-class complex. At the same time, since luminaires are mounted on the German ceramic granite with a mother-of-pearl hue, it was necessary to take into consideration all texture-related difficulties of the project and provide the uniform lighting to meet the requirements declared by SPEECH, the main architectural organisation of Moscow. In particular, lighting shall not glare when reflected from the walls and thus not create discomfort for residents, while penetrating the windows of the complex in the form of a flow of light. To resolve this task, apart from offering lighting equipment that meets all requirements, we had to pay special attention to its installation – the selection of a right installation angle.
Equipment used: LEADER LED 50W and 30W
Outcome: We developed a special luminaire modification. The luminaire is painted in black to visually merge with the facade. Only one facade out of 4 has been equipped with about 200 luminaires so far. After lighting up the first facade, we continued work on the illumination of other facades of the building.
We cooperated with SPEECH Architectural Office and Renaissance Construction JSC, the general contractor.
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