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Human Centric Lighting products by LT

Human Centric Lighting products by LT

24 May 2018 Category: Products Author: Maria Semenova

A wide selection of equipment in Human Centric Lighting segment of products produced by Lighting Technologies allows to implement both, complex solutions involving automatic dynamic lighting with adjustable colour temperature (2700/2800 К – 5700/5800 К) luminaries during the day to simulte the solar cycle, and simple solutions, where dimming and adjustment of colour temperature is performed manually from a wall-mounted turning dimmer or a button bar supporting DALI DT8 standard, in various types of premises.
Support of DALI Device Type 8 (DALI DT8) protocol makes these luminaries universal lighting devices that can be operated within different illumination control systems using the single standard DALI DT8.

Светильники с изменяемой цветовой температурой:
Article Name
Recessed lighting fixtures
1118000250 OTX LED 595 CH CF
Recessed luminaires
1028001080 OPL/R ECO LED 595 CH CF
Fixtures for clean room
1372000660 OWP OPTIMA LED 595 IP54/IP54 CH CF
Recessed light lines 
1474001040 LINER/R LED 1200 CH CF
1474001030 LINER/R LED 1200 TH W CH CF
Ceiling light lines
1473000910 LINER/S LED 1200 CH CF
1473001060 LINER/S LED 1200 TH W CH CF
Suspended lighting fixtures
1246000010 PHANTOM LED CH CF
Suspended lighting fixtures
1323000100 REFLECT LED 1000 CH CF
Overhead luminaure
1144000190 RKL LED 38 CH CF
- office centres
- medical institutions
- education institutions
- museums, galleries, exhibition complexes
- underground facilities
- other buildings with exclusive requirements for light environment quality

Luminaries with adjustable colour temperature are adaptive devices that may adapt themselves to human biorhythm thereby creating most natural light environment close to sunlight. Cold light increases working ability, war light creates comfort environment. Balance and smooth dynamic alteration of these parameters allows bring the task of creating comfortable light environment to a totally new level.
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