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PROJECT: Moscow Train Station / Nizhny Novgorod

17 May 2018 Category: Projects Author: Maria Popova

Project overview: Modernization of Moscow Train Station in Nizhny Novgorod has been performed within the frames of a major program for modernization of train stations providing transport services for World Football Championship 2018. The main building of the train station was fully modernized.
Within the modernization program, it was necessary to propose an illumination project using energy-efficient technologies, and the luminaries had to comply with the design concept of rearranging indoor premises.
Equipment used:
Installations made of LINER/S DR LED 1200 W 4000K luminaries in shape of squares and rectangles were made in the main hall. Built-in illumination lines were made of LINER/R LED 1200 TH S 4000K luminaries.
EAGLE LED 1000 4000K and EAGLE LED 1500 4000K luminaries were used.
ROUND BLADE 10 4000K and ACQUA S 06 WH 4000K (with a driver) downlights were used for auxiliary rooms and lavatories.
All customer’s requirements for energy efficiency were complied with. 
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