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PROJECT: New building of Morozovskaya Child Health Clinic (Moscow)

27 March 2018 Category: Projects Author: Maria Popova

Project overview: The new building is actually a multi-profile child health clinic, one of the best in the world without any doubts.
The seven-storey medical building with two underground floors in the territory of Morozovskaya Clinic is intended for 500 beds. The total area of the building is 71.2 thousand square meters.
The building will accommodate the following units: otolaryngology, surgery, endocrinology, traumatology and orthopaedics, urology, oncology and haematology, ophthalmology and eye microsurgery, bone-marrow transplantation, cardio-rheumatology and pulmonology, neurosurgery and neuro-oncology. The building will also accommodate two surgery blocks, an intensive care and anaesthesiology unit, a clinical diagnostic laboratory, a department of physical therapy and exercise therapy.
Task: Integrated lighting of the new building of the child health institution. Creation of the most comfortable atmosphere for patients and personnel and provision of required illumination level and light quality on working surfaces.
In some premises there were substandard ceilings, which require lighting fixtures of definite size to conform with the requirements of the design concept.
Initially, the project stipulated use of products by another manufacturer. With the General Contractor’s support, more cost effective solution was proposed and the decision was made in favour of products by LLC “Lighting Technologies IGC”.
Outcome: All internal premises of the clinic were illuminated. The light design, installation supervision were performed, an extended guarantee was provided. Specially for the clinic tasks more than 20 modifications of lighting equipment with T5 lamps were designed.
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